Topic of the Week 1/13/2019 - Introductory & Certified

Puns and and greywacke in our last post on Gimblett Gravels , , and . Thanks gents!

This week: Cassis or cassis?

What are the different possibilities in the beverage world when you order this? Name 1 producer of each.

  • If you order cassis in a hip wine bar, they'll probably offer you a white wine and it's probably going to be mostly Marsanne and Clairette. Officially it's a minimum 60% combined of those grapes, but Marsanne must be 30%-80% of that 60%. The rest is a kitchen sink combo of Bourboulenc,  Sauvignon Blanc, Pascal Blanc, Ugni Blanc, and a maximum 5% Terret Blanc. But this is certified, so don't worry about the Terret. Although whites dominate, reds are 70% minimum combined GMC; Grenache, Mourvedre and Cinsault. The remaining is Carignan, Barbaroux (a good pirate name) and a little Terret again, though this time noir, but you still shouldn't worry about it. All the wines are dry and most are white.

    Cassis AOC is one of the first AOC in france, granted in 1936 and surrounds the town of the same name along the rocky limestone coast just 10 miles southeast of Marseille. Vineyards lie on gentle to steep slopes up the valleys surrounded by "garrigue," the aromatic scrubland of herbs that prefer limestone and are within the Calanques park, which offers some protection from developers. Perhaps the most famous consumer of Cassis was Virginia Woolf, who wrote ,"To the Lighthouse," while smoking cigars and drinking on the grounds of Château de Fontcreuse, perhaps the most famous of the 12 producers in town, or alternatively you could, with a good running start and a high tide, go cliff diving from the vineyards of Clos Sainte Magdeleine. Careful though, the tallest coastal cliffs in France are in this town at 1,200 feet/400m. I'll let someone else take care of the other Cassis. 

  • Excellent info, I would add Domaine Bagnol as my favorite, marsanne based deliciousness and their rose it top notch.

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