Wset 3 to CMS

Hello everyone,

my name is Stefano and I just passed my WSET 3, next month im going to do the CMS intro/certified exam.

One of my bigger problems is that I'm not really sure what they are goign to ask,  because the CMS syllabus, the book (Sales and service for the wine prfessional)gotten by them and the web says different things.

anyone got a clean full page were it says in details whats going to be asked?

thank you very much

  • Learn that book inside and out and it's all you need to pass up to the Certified. A bit of floor experience and vintages will help as well.

    Certified is perhaps a nudge more difficult than WSET 3 in some regards but if you have that as a base of knowledge, you should do well, along with the Sales & Service book. You can read what I wrote about Level I and Level II if it's of any help. Best of luck, it's all very much doable.

  • Hi Stefano.

    For me, I'm still preparing for Certified exam, blind tasting part is my biggest problem and I have to put famous producers and their wines in my head.

  • I took WSET 3 and Intro+Certified within weeks of each other and echo Miquel's answer completely. we are going back a decade now, but I assume they're still roughly similar in depth and breadth of knowledge required. 

  • I took a similar path where I did WSET 2 then Intro, followed by WSET 3 then Certified. The knowledge that level 3 gave me was great for a base for Certified. I would say concentrate on blind tasting, producer knowledge, and standards of service. Also knowing vintages will come in handy!

  • I took WSET 3 first, and just passed Certified 2 weeks ago. I felt that the theory portion of the CMS exam was broader but easier than WSET, the essay structure of WSET is not required of CMS, the questions are much more in the vein of the quizzes here, with matching, find the wrong answer, recognizing producer labels etc. But the tasting was much harder for CMS, and of course there is no service component, which for me was the most intimidating part of the exam. I definitely felt that WSET was an excellent prep for Certified, which was my reasoning in taking it.