Certified Exam | Producer and Vintage Recommendation List

I really have no idea what to expect with regards to the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary for the service portion of the certified exam so I put together a list (LIST IS ATTACHED AS A SPREADSHEET) of my favorite wines from most major regions with a couple of options at different price points for each that I'd be happy recommending.  Prices are not listed here, but basically for each wine or region there is a producer for a more down to earth budget (listed first) as well as an option (or two) more suited for a special occasion.

There are a few holes because honestly, I either haven't had any examples or haven't had one that I feel good about recommending, haha.

Specifically Missing (please feel free to recommend so I can go try them)

A great budget right bank Bordeaux


Special Occasion Aussie Shiraz (Not Penfolds Grange or Block 42 etc.) (I would feel like a tool recommending this in an exam because it seems obvious, and I've never tried it. This is also why there are no Bordeaux First Growths or Burgundy Grand Crus on the list.)

Franciacorta (would like to have a few other champagne alternatives)

Cruase (I am extremely intrigued by the idea of these wines but have no clue where to buy them)

Please feel free to point out any obvious omissions (especially from the advanced and masters) that you would think me off my rocker if I didn't recommend in an exam setting.

This is a list that allows me to give honest recommendations from experience, so if you don't like the wines on here or think they are terrible, you may be absolutely correct, but I feel like I could at least speak genuinely about these.

Finally, I have chosen to eliminate prices and go with a more generic structure in that regard because I know these prices retail but have no idea how appropriate it would be to mention retail prices in an exam (restaurant) setting where I assume there would be an implied markup.

Any thoughts are always greatly appreciated, and feel free to use the list if it helps you at all!

Producer + Vintage Recs.xlsx