Key wine growing regions to focus on for Certified Exam

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I am taking my certified exam in about 2 months so I am honing in on what I need to refine and polish as far as theory goes. I have talked to some people about what is the best way to prepare for theory and the most common advice I get is to focus on the classics for this level. I made a word doc breaking down countries and key wine growing regions to focus on. I want to see if I have my bases covered so check it out and see if I am missing anything, or have stuff on there that I don't need to focus on as much. Again, I have been studying every regions for  several months now so I am comfortable with many regions not listed, just want to know what you think!DOCX

  • Looks pretty good! 

    I'd add in Germany - Rheingau and France - Provence and Southern France (at least read over a couple times). Also, just review South Africa, Eastern Europe, Greece, and Austria. There will probably be a couple questions from those regions/countries, so good to have a little familiarity with them!

    Focus on classics is great advice, but also think about the benchmark wines for other regions. 

    Advice from me, don't forget to review a bit about cider, sake, beer, and spirits. Know 2-3 producers from each as well. It'll probably show up somewhere in your exam!

    Good luck!

  • For Italy - add in Friuli and Trentino Alto Adige - and I'm spending extra time in Collio and Colli Orientali. One of the more difficult comparisons I'm finding is the Pinot Grigio/Gris horizontals. I did a flight recently with a Alsace Pinot Gris, a GC Pinot Gris, two Collio pinot grigio, one colli orientali, and one Suditrol. Blew me away. (Also, it turned me on to Oregon pinot gris... irrelevant for the exam, but check it out.)

  • I would add Austria in the mix as well

  • Great study guide! I will be using this as a template for my research. Thank you!