Service portion of certified exam

I passed my intro class 2 months ago, I am currently studying to take my certified exam in the next year. I am a member of a weekly blind tasting study group, and I am using my intro work book to study theory, my question to this forum is what should I expect to be tested on verbally when I take the service portion of certified, what are they going to ask me about? I'm briefly going over apertifs and digestifes right now as that subject is a weak point for me,is there anything else I should prepare for? What are some of the questions the master's quized you on during the service portion? If you are allowed to answer that (I'm not sure if that is allowed) thank you for your time

  • Remember that the service exam is just that - an examination of your service skills. Your theory knowledge should carry you though and allow you to answer any questions the examiner may have. But remember...this is an opportunity for you to showcase your service skills. Focus on that. 

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