Looking for Tasting/Study Group in Chicago to prep for Certified.

Looking to join an active group to practice for certified and beyond. My off days are Mondays and Tuesdays but depending on times I may be able to work things out on any day.

  • Hi Joseph! Looks like you’re in Barrington Hills, I actually live in the village! I have a tasting group you can absolutely join but we meet Wednesday mornings. I’m off every Monday so if we want to start a group for Monday’s in the suburbs we could definitely do that. 

  • Well I actually currently live in Oak Park but I visit my parents so frequently on my days of that Barrington would be no issue at all. I may even be able to do the Wednesdays from time to time as well depending on the exact start time though Mondays are most appealing still. Thanks for the reply 

  • We meet around 10:30/11am on Wednesdays, but if you're out here on any Mondays that would be great and I know I could get some other people in the area to join, one of the guys I work with took his intro last year and he's a great taster so I think he'd be good for a tasting/study group. I think this Wednesday we're actually meeting in Libertyville, I'll let you know for sure and you're absolutely welcome to join!

  • This Wednesday we have a distributor coming in for tastings so I definitely can’t do that but now I am kind of hyped up for Mondays. I have never been in a group before so let me know if there is anything I can do to help set things up.

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