Topic of the Week 5/17/2019 - Introductory & Certified

hitting it on the head with the opportunities and challenges with Beaujolais these days. There's still a lot of great wine for the money but they are becoming increasingly expensive year after year, which is excellent for those producers that have carved their niche but perhaps alienating some of their dedicated following.

This week: Decanting

Identify 5 reasons for utlilizing this step of service. 

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    1.  to see if the wine is of correct character
    2.  to aerate the wine prior to service
    3. to reduce the amount of sediment that is in the bottle from ones glass. 
    4. to help control serving temperature (ideally wine is served at 59 degrees and pouring it in to a decanter is one way to bring the wine up to room temp.)
    5. it also part of the "show," and elevated service. 
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