Topic of the Week 5/31/2019 - Introductory & Certified

Lots of Lambrusco love last week from , and . Thanks all!

This week: Herbal liqueurs

Name 3 and give us a brief history, taste profile and 1 cocktail.

  • Chartreuse- Green, yellow and several age designations as well. Named after eponymous mountains and monastery in France, Carthusian monks created it in 1737 based on a recipe from 1605 (every May 16th is Chartreuse Day!), Sweet, spicy and pungent, its flavor can vary based on its serving temperature. My favorite cocktail it is used in is a Last Word, but I also love it as a float in Champagne.

    Galliano- Named after an officer in the Italian Army, originated in Tuscany. Woodsy herbal/anise notes as well as vanilla. Key ingredient in a go-to brunch drink, a Harvey Wallbanger

    Licor 43- Thought to be the most popular liqueur in Spain, supposedly based on a Roman era recipe for a 'Marvelous Liquid', the modern recipe  and production dates from 1946. As the name would suggest 43 ingredients, provide a herbal, spice and vanilla profile. Drank on ice with espresso in a Carajillo (had to look that one up!)

  • So helpful and interesting!! I hope people are aware that comments are a resource and an introduction to a conversation 

  • Carajillos are incredible!