Certified exam...what should I be studying?

All, firstly let me apologize for asking a question that I am sure has been asked millions of times before...however, I can't seem to find a direct answer. With he Intro exam, you get a book...and the exam questions all come from the workbook. However, for the certified exam...what should I be studying? Are there specific books the exam is based on? Are we expected to know everything from everywhere? Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I've been using the study guides here. I go through each one, make my own detailed notes, print that out and make flashcards based on those notes. Here's what the court recommends for study material: https://www.mastersommeliers.org/sites/default/files/Certified%20Recommended%20Study%20Resources-May2016.pdf

    I also made my own wine list to study for the service part of the exam, most of it is from the restaurant where I work, but I added a few other producers. I've been told going deep into Bordeaux is not a bad idea so I've been doing that. Try to put together a study timeline and stick to it. Definitely bring your notecards with you everywhere so you can go through at least a few of them when you have a minute. Good luck! If I can think of any other suggestions after I take my exam I'll let you know!

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