Audio Books & Practice Tests?! Please help!

I am studying for my Certified test that is coming up in 4 months and I am looking for any advice that can be given. My biggest concern for this exam is Theory. I have a long commute to and from work each day and with a upcoming move it will become close to two hours every day. I was hoping someone may have suggestions on audio books I can listen to in my car. The majority of the books I have found are either what seem to be extremely level entry and or history pertaining to certain events in wine. I am looking for Audio books that go deeper into wine that would be good for someone like myself getting ready for my Certified Exam. 

While on this topic I am curious about the guildsomm practice tests. will the Certified Exam be more similar to the Beginner tests or to the Intermediate tests? I am at the current moment getting 80%-90% in the beginner tests on average. would 90%-100% in this bract of tests be sufficient or is the Certified Exam more closely related to the Intermediate Tests.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated even if it is just general advice that does not pertain to these questions. Thank you for your time and have a great day!   

  • Look no further than the Guildsomm podcasts.  Geoff and team do a great job of weaving in theory related content into each one.  That being said there is no replacing the tactile book work.  Draw, list, create matching games, etc. to put the info into practical application.

    Additionally, make a plan for study content between now and your exam, and stick to it.  Use the study guides here, along with plenty of maps- Wine Atlas has excellent maps.  Location ordering and geography are needed to succeed.  

    Try and find a study group or partner.  Strength in numbers.

    Understand the regions and their wines, beyond rote memorization.  Use guildsomm videos and plenty of content on youtube, and take notes as you watch.

    Good luck!!  Have fun!!

  • The iPhone has a "Speak Screen" function that will read almost any written text. Settings>General>Accessibility>Speech>Speak Screen. I have listened to Expert Guides and iBooks using this function. You may also select the preferred voice for multiple languages. If you have the space on your phone I recommend downloading the Siri voices for Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portugese for more clear annunciation.

  • Read all the study guides here on the forums.  Read the suggested books on the mastersommeliers website.  Take the quizzes on here and I also recommend the decanter app for a nearly endless amount of questions.  If you are breezing through the beginner questions and able to get 50% or so on the intermediate questions then you are good to go.  

    I just passed my certified on the 10th of this month (woohoo!) and was most worried about theory and least worried about service.  Let me tell you........don't underestimate the service portion!  Know your classic cocktails, have food and wine pairings ready to go and remember to smile!  Good luck!