Service Experience

I passed the CMS Intro Exam in September of last year. Since then I’ve been studying and preparing for the certified exam. Eventually one day I’d like to even tackle the Master Exam but I know that’s a long way off. My major issue currently is that I live in a small town in Florida. There isn’t much of a wine culture here at all. No tasting or study groups no real wine shops to speak of. There aren’t even any restaurants that have sommeliers. Aside from moving (which isn’t really an option at the moment) what can I do to help gain the necessary service experience I need to help me succeed in future exams? Isn’t it true that the Court requires 5 years of restaurant experience to even attempt the Advanced Exam? I know becoming a Master Sommelier is an incredibly difficult task, but it seems even more daunting when you’re trying to do it alone.

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