Certified Exam Question That Is Bugging Me

Hi All- 

I take my CS exam on July 31st :) 

Have a few friends who have gone through the exam process and each has warned me about the loop-thrower styled question of: "If you're hosting a wedding and serving magnums, but not all guests will drink wine, how many bottles should you order?" -or- "How many pints can you get out of a keg?" etc. 

For some folks, math comes easily. For me? I still have to add 2+2 on my fingers. I'm petrified that I will not be able to arrive at the correct answer without a calculator. 

Does anyone have a bit of guidance on how to quickly calculate these algebraic equations in your head while taking the test? 

I'd be a wreck if I studied this hard only to have something like that be the one question that could sink me. 

Thanks a bunch!


  • And it is worth remembering that one question can't sink you...  If you really struggle with certain parts of Theory, that puts pressure on your strengths, but we all have weaknesses in some areas, and just need to have overall breadth of knowledge to get through.  As for the word questions, it is important to know how to translate bottle sizes into ounces, so you can divide costs properly and cost any bottle to the ounce.  And then you need to be able to translate cost percentages into markups, ie a 33% cost is a 3X markup, a 25% cost is a 4X markup, etc.

    If the business question makes you anxious, answer it last!  Get every point from the rest of the exam that you can, then tackle that one...!

    Good luck!

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