Fort Worth Tasting Group?

I just finished the Intro level course at TEXSOM this weekend. I know there were several people from the Fort Worth area attending, but only got to connect with one or two of y'all. If anyone is interested in getting together to taste some wines and pursue Certified level, let me know! I see some other groups around DFW, but I'm in the SW corner of Fort Worth and would love to connect with some local somms; I know you're out there! 


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  • Hi there Cameron!

    I'm Dayna and I recently passed my introductory exam and will be planning lots of studying as well as tastings for the next year or so. I live in the Flower Mound area. If you would like, I would love another person to study and prepare for exams with. My boyfriend also is preparing for his certified exams. We dedicate an entire day each week to studying and tasting as well as visiting wineries in the area to try to take notes on as many wines as possible in preparation. Please let me know if you would like to have two more join your group. We are also happy to host tastings and study sessions if you are willing to venture north!

    Looking forward to connecting with  you!


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