Hey everyone! My names Jared and I work for Acheson Wine Company in Sacramento, California and I’m looking for some people to form a study group. I passed my Introductory test earlier this year and need to start pushing myself and studying more for the certified exam. The nice thing about my position with this company is that I have full access to our tasting room in midtown. We can either set up times for while we are open or for when we are not open, which I would prefer because it would be very quiet. I want to meet more people in our industry and get to build more relationships and of course, push each other to study more and learn more. Cheers! I hope to hear from anyone who’s interested very soon!

  • Hi Jared, 

    I would get in in contact with either Elizabeth-Rose Mandalou at Allora or Keith Fergel at Taylor’s Kitchen about this. They have a tasting and theory group in Sac and would be the ones to talk to.   They have all levels from people getting ready for certified to getting ready for Master as well as an assortment of other tests. I have learned so much being a part of this group and they are nothing but encouraging and wonderful to learn from.  Hope this helps.

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