MS Topic of the Week 10/12/2019 - Introductory & Certified

Well done last post by & on Vin Jaune! A couple of producers that I'd add Chateau D'Arlay, A&M Tissot, Bourdy and if you can find it - Puffeney. Supplies are running short since he retired in 2015.

This week:  Margaret River

Describe how the geography defines this winegrowing area. Name 3 iconic producers.

  • Margaret Wine region is a squarish area rimmed by the Cape Leewun in the South to Cape Naturiste in the north, about 60 km from the Indian Ocean. because of this Maritime influence, the mederate Mediterranean climate is similar to that of Bordeaux.

    Notable producers include Cape Mentelle, Vasse Felix and Leewun Estate

    The region runs along the Western Australian coast from Cape Naturaliste in the north to Cape Leeuwin, 60 miles (100km) to the south. The square-faced peninsula on which it sits juts out 40 miles (65km) from the main coastline into the Indian Ocean, while its northern edge is formed by Geographe Bay – which gives its name to Margaret River's northern neighbor, Geographe. This position endows both of these regions with a heavily maritime-influenced climate, without which its trademark wine styles would certainly be less restrained and complex. Margaret River's winemakers are particularly proud of this temperate, coastal location – and of its similarites to that of Bordeaux (despite being 10 degrees of latitude closer to the equator than Bordeaux). The words Cape, Bay and other oceanic references are very common in Margaret River wine names. One particularly clever local wine is named Girt-by-Sea – a reference both to the peninsula's three coasts and to a line in Australia's national anthem: "We've golden soil and wealth for toil, our home is girt by sea".

    The Leeuwin-Naturaliste ridge is responsible in no small part for the Margaret River terroir. A ridge of gneiss and granite that runs north–south for the length of the peninsula, it is covered by rusty-red laterite soils, rich in aluminum and iron. Although not very high, the ridge gives sufficient shelter to the vineyards immediately behind it and moderates the prevailing coastal breezes that blow in from the nearby beaches. Just three hours' drive south of Perth, Margaret River is a popular tourist desination, capitalizing on the beautiful coastline and forests – which keep the visitors happy and the sun-soaked vineyards cool.