I Together a Complimentary Website for Studying Intro & Certified Exams


This used to be called MyPetitSommilier.com and have massively re-done it for smart devices. It is not-for-profit, and there are no ads or cookies...I have no clue who visits.

I have under http://sarahsommelier.com/sommexams/ created a navigation menu which reflects the resources on Court of Master Sommeliers in a manner which is easy to reach via your phone, all links go back to their server so I'm just mirroring and distributing their collateral for your ease of use

Main thing is that I have under http://sarahsommelier.com/red-wines-regions-on-test/ all the wines which may be used in the Blind Tasting portion of Certified test...today is 10/31/19 and I'm done with the reds and just starting with the white. I have youtube videos about each that are easily watching on your smartphone.

As you know youtube plays other videos after watching the one you want to watch, so hit the cancel option they offer or refresh the page.

I have to re-do the California theory page page but the sub-regions are good, though I have to research and add all the new appellations so beware...

Hope you enjoy it, and any feedback is welcome. Good luck!

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