MS Topic of the Week 11/6/2019 - Introductory & Certified

Thanks to  and  for the Savennières breakdown last week. I'd add that the soils there are much different from Vouvray or Montluis in that they are a dark volcanic versus tuffeau.

This week: Aszú essencia

How is this viscous, honey like, organoleptic explosion made? What grapes are used?

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  • Ascu Essencia is the free run juice before pressing, gathered, separated from the rest of the cuvee.Its fermentation may take several years to complete and resultant alcohol usually hovers around 3-4 %. Residual sugar conversely can be as high as 80%. legends have been circulated about its restorative and curative powers, and it is not surprising that it used to be reserved for consumption boy royalties. 

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