Back to Back Exam of Intro/Certified

Hi Guys, 

I'm new into this forum, and does anyone done the intro/certified exam back to back? What is your experience? Is it possible? 

The reason that I want to do this is because I'm flying internationally from Asia just to take the exam and I want to maximize my time and money.

Opinions, please? 

  • Hey, I did it.

    Yeah definitely possible just read the CMS book carefully and put a notice into each small detail. Of course, use GuildSomm for more in-depth info. The cert exam is harder but not much harder. For the practical exam if you don't hit the Cert level doesn't mean you will not hit for Intro level. The main difference is Sparkling service instead of still wine and a bit more questions about beverages... 

  • Are you talking about taking it in the Americas or the European/"Worldwide" court? I ask because the one based in the UK often does certification courses much closer to you They're very sensitive to how far some people are traveling and the expensive given you encounter people from Dubai, Mumbai, Seoul, Tokyo, and other cities quite far flung from Europe.

    As I'm based in Spain, I went with the European courses and if you're curious about how that goes, you can read about the Intro and Certified experience.

    Anyways, I hope that helps and while I did it awhile back now, feel free to ask any additional questions.

  • Hi, Thank you for your reply.

    I'm going to take my exam in Americas, next year of January. And I'm thinking if I will take the exam back to back or If I need a review time for certified. 

    Did you took the certified exam right after the intro? 

  • Hi Omer, Thank you for your reply. 

  • No, I had a four month delay. I wasn't aware that you could do it back to back in the US.

  • People have certainly accomplished this. 

  • I took both exams about 15 days apart.  I took the Intro in mid-November of 2018 and the Certified in early December of 2018.  If you expect that you will be prepared (meaning you have studied properly) for the Certified exam, then you will ace the intro exam. Go for it! 

    I started studying in August of 2018 for the Certified exam, using the GuildSomm study guides.  

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Yes you can do this if the schedule lines up.  I did hear or read somewhere that the Court recommends about a year in between the two exams just so you have time to study the necessary materials but if your doing that then go for it.  I'd recommend the "resources" tab: to get material you can study from.  Also as mentioned you should use the study guides here.  (Guildsomm) There are 2 red and 2 whites poured for you to blind at the test and you will also be in a service scenario and will need to open a bottle of sparkling wine for your "guest."  Also know cocktails/sake and well...basically everything Smiley

  • Hi Gerald,

    This is possible, but I can tell you from a VERY recent experience that the difference between the required knowledge for Intro and Cert has widened considerably. I just passed the Certified on December 8, 2019 in Houston an it was a wild ride for everyone. Remember that the structure changed in 2017 and it seems that with the influx of new candidates, the court is making constant updates. Without giving too much away...I received a lot of advice from somms that passed years ago and after last weekend, their advice seemed a bit outdated.

  • The Intro is a small subset of the Certified. Structure tour studies as you would be taking the Cert and the Intro seems just an annoyance. Pay attention to tasting but remember that the wines will not be obscure so make sure you can for example tell Chard, Chenin, Sav Blanc and Riesling apart. Most people fail the service portion so practice practice practice. Open cheap sparklers and practice carrying a tray. 

    If you want to increase your passing odds go take the Intensive Sommelier Program at the International Culinary Center in New York City. 10 weeks for $10,000.