Certified Math Questions

Hi!  I am taking certified in two weeks.  It says you will have simple math problems on the exam.  What math items should I know?  I figure the ounces of wine in a bottle is one of them for calculations.  Thanks!

  • Hi Philip! A few bits of advice for you. You should know ounces and calculations for pouring aka the basics of running a wine program. If you look on the GuildSomm study guide forum there is a link for wine program management. Anything you need will be there! Feel free to message me if you need anything else. Good luck! 

  • I would assume a few questions, some relating to pour size and total bottles needed and something pertaining to cost/pricing, i.e.   Your restaurant offers a special 6oz pour from Magnums on weekends, assuming you expect 40, 50 and 30 people to order this over a weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) how many magnums would you need?

    and Your BTG program targets a 50% profit margin, if you sell 4 oz pours for Happy Hour and your bottle cost is $24/bottle, what price should you list the wine?

    I hope that helps,

  • Hi Philip,

    The GuildSomm study guide breaks down the most common calculations we need to know for managing a wine program. Here’s a link: