San Francisco study group + tasting group?

Passed the intro class in December and would like to complete the Certified in 2nd half 2020 (though no dates are listed yet past March & June). I'm looking to form a study+tasting group that meets evenings and weekends within the city. If anyone's interested, let me know -- would like to start meeting sometime in January on a weekly or bi-weekly cadence.


  • Hello Joseph, --

    I coordinate a tasting/study group on Thursdays and Sundays at 11am at Flatiron Wines & Spirits downtown.  There are a number of other tasting opportunities as well; I'd strongly recommend you check out the themed flights on Wednesdays at the Morris in the Mission, as well as the weekly blinds at Ungrafted in the Dogpatch and the Bay Grape in Oakland on Grand Lake.

    If you're interested in joining us at Flatiron, shoot me an email at