MS Topic of the Week 1/8/2020 - Introductory & Certified

Excellent work from on cider and perry last post! I think Bordelet makes a bottling from trees that old.

This week: Krug Grand Cuvée editions

What do these signify? What's the current release?

  • While most Champagne house's prestige cuvée is a vintage bottling, Krug's Grand Cuvée is a NV blend of wines from 10 or more years. Since 2012, the house has included an "edition" number with each release in order to indicate the date of bottling and highlight it's individual character based on that particular blend. The editions are a way to distinguish each release from the others. Previously, all bottles were labeled simply as Krug Grand Cuvée, without a clear way to distinguish between them. The establishment of these editions helps differentiate each release as having it's own unique identity, rather than a perfectly consistent blend year after year.

    The current release is the 168th edition, released winter 2018-2019, with base wines ranging from the 1996-2012 vintages.

    In addition to the numbered editions, each bottle will contain a "Krug ID", in order to give deeper information to the consumer about the particular vintages blended into the bottle and the date it was disgorged. 

  • The Krug Grand Cuvée editions showcase their ability to maintain a vast collection of cellared vintages and blend them expertly. Though many champagne houses release blended non vintage champagnes, Krug sets themselves apart with their unmatched collection of cellared vintages. The current release is the 168eme or 168th. 

  • The signature bottle shape of Krug was universally used in all bottles  after 1978.

    Before that, a more conventional bottle shaped was used for most of the wines.

    Starting in 2011, there is a six-digit code on the back label of every bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée. Enter this code on Krug’s website and one can find out which vintages, grapes, and vineyard plots were used to make that particular blend.