Tasting Group in Miami

I recently moved to Miami Beach and looking to form a blind tasting group.

I have 5+ years of experience working with a Napa Valley winery, and last year I passed the Intro MCS.

Participated in root stock selection, vineyard management and winemaking in Mendoza, Argentina. Produced a gold medal winning wine from our first harvest.

I am planning to take the Certified MCS by the end of this year.

Let me know if you are interested. Once we get a committed group of at least 4 we can decide on the day and time.

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  • greetings good people,

    Please know this comes from a place of respect and personal opinion and as much as I want to encourage continued education and support studies, I am seriously concerned that you are all continuing to meet on a regular basis in light of the situation happening around the world. I realize Florida has not yet mandated rules for social distancing but perhaps following the path of many other students of the trade and finding resources to "blind taste" in online groups is best right now.

    There are many people utilizing this method and finding support and success in doing such. I would be happy to assist and listen on the other side of the screen as you go through wines if that helps.

    Again I am just a concerned human reaching out with a smile and hopeful guidance.