Question Regarding the Certified Examination Tasting Grid Shet

When you take the certified exam and use the Tasting Grid Worksheet, what instruction is given on how to answer the "Explain Why" section of grape, origin and climate? There seems to be so little space to answer. Also, it looks like there is room to write six possible grape varieties. Do you then circle your final answer?

We're trying to use the sheet in our tasting group as practice for taking the exam and wanting to make this as useful of a tool as possible.

Thank you,

  • For all of the "Explain Why" sections, your reasons should just be a few words - short and to the point.  For example, Sauvignon Blanc: "Herbal, grapefruit".  Old World:  "Earthy, with diminished fruit".  Cool climate: "tart, underripe fruit".

    For the actuall exam grid, there will be six grape varieties typed next to the various bubbles, you just need to choose the right one!

  • Thank you. To me that seemed it might be redundant as many of those "why's" would be identified higher up on the page so thank you for clarifying.

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