Certified Theory

Good Afternoon everyone! I passed my intro a few months ago, and I'm finally in a good position to begin studying for my certified. It's my understanding that that I will need to create a study plan. I think I have read everything I can find on guild somm related to making a study plan, but if there are any recommended podcasts/pervious post/articles that I might not be aware of I would love to listen/read them. 

Starting with France, I was planning on using Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia, and supplementing with guild somm, Wine atlas, and other books to create an outline with every region, AOC, varietals, Geography, Wine laws,..ect, not sure if this is going to be a good approach as it seems like a lot of information to cover, but I need to condense it somehow.

As far as thing I think I 100% need to know: Champagne prestige cuvee, 1855 classifications(1st growth, 2nd growths, and prominent 3rd growths), Burgundy grand crus/premier crus, Single vineyard AOC, Well known producers from each region, and I'm sure there is much more. (Recommendations here would be lovely)

I can dedicate a minimum of 20 hour a week to study, and I have no deadline. I will probably sign up for the test when I feel confident I will pass, and then dedicate the last months to review. I currently work in upscale/fine dinning, and we're going to get a tasting group started soon. I'm really trying to focus on theory at the moment. I will probably start practicing CMS service in the next few months, but I have no solid plans concerning that at the moment.

Any advice, tips, tricks, concerns, recommendations, and grammar corrections would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.