Topic of the Week 12/25/17 - Masters

Hi everyone, welcome back and Merry Christmas!

This week: Holiday geography 

What are some methods for cultivating vineyards at latitudes beyond 50 degees? Bonus points for knowing the country that claims the closest vineyard to the North Pole! 

  • Norway has the closest to the north pole, I think. 

    Vine growing is just plain hard work that far north. Many producers choose to totally bury their vines in dirt (super common in northern china), compost, or straw, which requires digging out in the spring. The root systems don't usually mind the freeze, but the woody parts of the vines will freeze (and capillaries burst), so protection is necessary. Digging out a vine in the spring sounds like a pain. Other places use mobile greenhouses to keep the vines inside during the winter. Some even plant vines in pots or various other styles planters, making the vines mobile.