Topic of the Week 1/8/18 - Masters

Thank you everyone who chipped in on the Alternative Aging discussion last week, there were a number of responses! 

This week: Historical figures

Who is Jess Jackson? Describe his significance to the winemaking world. (Bonus: What sport did he passionately pursue late in his lifetime?)

  • Jess Jackson put California Chardonnay on tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dinner tables starting in the late 80s and defined a category, along with Randy Ullom's help of course. KJ's Vintner's Reserve is still the benchmark for quality at that price tier and consistently beats "better" wines in blind tastings, much to many a snob's ire. Jackson Family Wines became one of the largest land owners in California. Later in life, he became equally successful as a race horse owner in Kentucky.

    And yes, I used to sell quite a bit of the Spire Collection and Estate tier wines. :-)

  • I am with Peter, Jess Jackson basically helped the average american put a bottle of Chardonnay on the dinner table and made chardonnay's popularity. He was a trail-blazer in the industry and saw that land, not just vines where and important piece to his business model. 

  • Thanks for the responses gentlemen! For anyone that is looking for a good read, A Man and His Mountain is a fantastic look at Jess's life. I definitely appreciated a deeper look at the impact of his tenacity in the wine world, and life in general.