Topic of the Week 9/17/2018 - Master

Props to , , and for breaking the Barossa down. 

This week: Lieux-dits of Hermitage

What are their primary soil types, what producers focus on each and where is the white planted?

  • Les Bessard- Granite soils which also make more tannic wines. Delas and  Chapoutier. Chapoutier's Pavillon wine is produced form this Lieux-Dits. 

    Les Meal- Glacier Stones and alluvial soil. Chapoutier produces both red and white wines form Les Meal. 

    L'Hermite-Granite and Loess soils, the famous chapel of St. Christopher (La Chapelle) is located in this Lieux-Dits. Chapoutier and Delas, Jaboulet, JL Chave (red and white wine) Guigal's EX-Voto Blanc and a portion of Ex-Voto Rouge is produced from L'Hermite. 

    Greffieux-Granite, Clay and Limestone, Guigal & Chapoutier

    Murets- Marsanne for Chapoutier and Guigal is grown in this Lieux-Dits. 

  • Lieux-dits of Hermitage include the following: 

    Les Bessards, Le Meal, Les Greffieux, Les Murets, Péleat, L'Hermite

    -Les Bessards is split in two sections: Grand Bessards with a hard granite surface and Petit Bessards, located further downslope with a mix of clay and granite. Grands Bessards is planted exclusively to Syrah, whilst Petit Bessards has some plantings of Marsanne. Jaboulet, Chapoutier, Delas, and JL Chave all hold plantings here. Chapoutier Le Pavillon is sourced from a single plot of pure granite in Bessards.

    -Le Meal, just to the east of Les Bessards is a composition of granite, clay, and limestone. Jaboulet has the largest presence, with a significant proportion devoted to La Chapelle. Like Bessard, there is a small acreage planted to Marsanne. Other notable producers include Chapoutier, who bottles both Le Meal Rouge and Le Meal Blanc. 

    -Les Murets is planted to Marsanne with alluvial and granite soils.  The core of Guigal Ex-Voto Blanc is produced from this site.

    -Les Greffieux lies just beneath Le Meal and similarly contains a mixture of granite, clay, and limestone. Chapoutier bottles a lieu-dit Le Greffieux and Marc Sorrel also has holdings.

    -Péleat is made up of alluvial granite and limestone. JL Chave has both Syrah and some Marsanne planted in 1910. 

    -L'Hermite is mostly granite with some loess and clay. JL Chave has Syrah, Roussanne, and Marsanne all planted here. A percentage of Guigal Ex Voto Rouge and Ex Voto Blanc is sourced from this lieu-dit. Chapoutier also bottles a L'Hermite Rouge and L'Hermite Blanc from 100 yr old Marsanne vines. 

  • In case anyone out there who is not familiar with the amazing map resource from Fernando Beteta MS. Here is a link to definitive look the hill of Hermitage and its various lieux-dits