Topic of the Week 9/17/2018 - Master

Props to , , and for breaking the Barossa down. 

This week: Lieux-dits of Hermitage

What are their primary soil types, what producers focus on each and where is the white planted?

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  • Les Bessard- Granite soils which also make more tannic wines. Delas and  Chapoutier. Chapoutier's Pavillon wine is produced form this Lieux-Dits. 

    Les Meal- Glacier Stones and alluvial soil. Chapoutier produces both red and white wines form Les Meal. 

    L'Hermite-Granite and Loess soils, the famous chapel of St. Christopher (La Chapelle) is located in this Lieux-Dits. Chapoutier and Delas, Jaboulet, JL Chave (red and white wine) Guigal's EX-Voto Blanc and a portion of Ex-Voto Rouge is produced from L'Hermite. 

    Greffieux-Granite, Clay and Limestone, Guigal & Chapoutier

    Murets- Marsanne for Chapoutier and Guigal is grown in this Lieux-Dits. 

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