Topic of the Week 11/13/2018 - Master

and crushed the Criolla Fam last week. Thanks you two!

This week: Schlossberg Grand Cru

What is the primary soil type, most planted variety, where is it located and name 4 producers.

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  • One more thing about the soil. Yes, the answer is granite. But THIS VINEYARD IS STEEP by Alsace standards. It's heavily terraced, but that steepness has led to some variability in the topsoil, both in depth (errosion in parts of the very large vineyard) and in composition (sands, gneiss, raw quartz, etc...) All exist here. 

    The south facing aspect, coupled with the soil, is the reason for reisling's complete dominace in the vineyard (As Blake noted, 76%! Not a lot of room for the other grapes left).