Topic of the Week 11/13/2018 - Master

and crushed the Criolla Fam last week. Thanks you two!

This week: Schlossberg Grand Cru

What is the primary soil type, most planted variety, where is it located and name 4 producers.

  • Also of note, Schlossberg is the second Grand Cru in Alsace for which the Trimbach family has decided to create a Grand Cru cuvée.  Although the Clos Ste Hune is located in the heart of the Rosacker Grand Cru, the family was notoriously opposed to the Alsace Grand Cru structure, so always decided against labeling as such.  However, in an apparent course-correction, they have now released wines from Grand Cru Gaisberg (inaugural vintage 2009), as well as Grand Cru Schlossberg (inaugural vintage 2014). 

  • Trimbach's inclusion gives validation to Schlossberg, in my opinion. It's size is so well criticized, but the potential quality of the vineyard is not quite as variable as some of the giant Burgundy vineyards.

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