Topic of the Week 11/26/2018 - Master

If you haven't had wines from the Ahr be sure to check out the great insights from ,  , ,  , and  last week.

This week: TDN in Riesling

What does the acronym stand for? How does it manifest in the glass? What causes it? Are there particular regions that display more than others?

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  • 1,1,6- Trimethyl-1,2-dihydronapthalene. 

    Tastes/smells like: Gasoline, Petrol, Kerosene, Lamp Oil, Plastic. 

    Common causes: Excess sun exposure, High acid levels, Water stress. 

    More common when yields are low. 

    Seems as though the regions that make wines showing high amounts of TDN deal with at least one if not many of the causes listed above. 

    For example: Germany, Alsace, Hunter Valley, and Clare Valley. The most interesting time I have come across it was in High quality Chardonnay from Argentina. Which was surprising at first, yet after considering the conditions in which the fruit was grown, began to make a lot of sense. 

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