Topic of the Week 12/11/2018 - Master

Kudos to the champions of Retsina from last week - , , , , and !

This week: History of South Africa's KWV

Tell us a story! You may want to read this too.....

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  • This is from the Wine Anorak web-site:

    "KWV has been a pivotal figure in the South African wine industry. It was initially formed in 1918 as a cooperative, but as well as producing and marketing wine, it also had an official role in regulating and administering South African wine in general. In recent years there have been major changes to its organization. In 1997 it ceased being a cooperative and was converted into a group of companies. The administrative and regulatory functions were transferred to a new organization called the Wine Industry Trust, and the commercial side of the business became KWV International. Then, at the beginning of 2003, KWV International spun off the cooperative side of the business (now known as the Wijngaard Co-operative, concentrating solely on the interests of producers), and now focuses solely on commercial goals (KWV Ltd)."

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