Topic of the Week 12/18/2018 - Master

Study forum VIPs and gave us a history lesson on South African wine law last week which also explores the challenges with cultural divides, global economics and evolution of the wine industry there. Complicated stuff!

This week: The benificio system of Port

What are the requirements and purpose of this system?

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  • It is the maximum amount of wine that may be fortified in a given year by grower.  A total of 12 categories are scored and each is awarded points. Of the categories, seven are based on Soil and Climate (slope, rough matter, exposure, shelter, altitude, location, and bedrock). The other five factors relate to the vines. The purpose of the system was to ensure quality port wine was produced and exported as well as to ensure there was not a flooded market of low quality Port. The system ensures Ports image and integrity. This system is in place for growers and producers alike.

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