Topic of the Week 2/14/2019 - Master

Pu'er prophecies last week from , , and . Gold star to for an especially thorough job!

This week: Beppe Colla

Who was he? What were his significant contributions to a region that we all love so much?


  • He started at Bonardi in Piedmont at 19.  Then started Prunotto and sold it to Antinori in 1990.  Started another property Poderi Colla after that.  

    Along with Ratti and Cavalotto plotted the boundaries of Barolo in the 60's.  He was also instrumental in introducing crus to Barolo, one of the first producing recognizing and using them on labels. He was also very careful of over-extraction of Nebbiolo.

    He passed away in January at the age of 88.

  • 70 Vintages!!!!!

    If I make 20, I'll die happy. 

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