Topic of the Week 3/22/2019 - Master

is keeping up with the news last week with new Haut-Bailly labels/names. This is something that I always try to impress upon with people that I mentor  - you need to keep up with the news! That is part of what makes this profession so exciting, things change and evolve and we need to stay informed of them.

This week: Vermouth

Identify 6 different Vermouths from 6 different countries and "mix" 6 different drinks

I love the vermouth culture in Spain. They'll serve it on the rocks garnished with orange and olives or piparras. So good!

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  • SPAIN: Yzaguierre Blanc. Delicious on the rocks with an orange peal!

    ITALY: Mancino Rosso Amaranto. Amazing on it's own. Strong enough to stand up in a Rob Roy with scotch and bitters. 

    USA: Brovo Pretty. Add this to a 3:2 Vodka Martini and watch all of the cool floral elements shine. 

    FRANCE: Dolin Dry. A perfect addition for a traditional Gin Martini with your favorite gin and a dash of orange bitters. 

    AUSTRALIA: Castagna. Be sacrilegious and use this non-Italian vermouth in a Negroni with some Campari and Gin. 

    AUSTRIA: Burschik .Try it in an Algonquin with rye and pineapple. 

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