Topic of the Week 3/22/2019 - Master

is keeping up with the news last week with new Haut-Bailly labels/names. This is something that I always try to impress upon with people that I mentor  - you need to keep up with the news! That is part of what makes this profession so exciting, things change and evolve and we need to stay informed of them.

This week: Vermouth

Identify 6 different Vermouths from 6 different countries and "mix" 6 different drinks

I love the vermouth culture in Spain. They'll serve it on the rocks garnished with orange and olives or piparras. So good!

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  • Lustau, Spain: The prestigious sherry producer launched an excellent vermouth in Spain in late 2015, made from a base of amontillado and PX wines. Perfect on the rocks.

    Dolin Vermoputh de Chambéry Dry, France: A dry vermouth from the last independent producer in Chambéry. This region is the only one in France to have received an appellation d'origine contrôlée for its vermouths. Perfect for a Martinez cocktail.

    Belsazar Dry, Germany: Made with wines from the South Baden region, combined with fruit brandies from Schladerer and a selection of herbs, including wormwood. It is perfect on the rocks or mixed with lighter spirits.

    Antica Formula, Italy: From Carpano, home of the first ever vermouth, this vermouth is made to an original recipe dating from 1786. Manhattans anyone??

    Interrobang, USA: This is produced in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Pinot Noir and a small percentage of Viognier make up the wine blend, fortified with Clear Creek brandy and spiced with a variety of 11 proprietary botanicals. Bring on the Blood and Sand!

    7 Mares, Portugal: A Portuguese vermouth that I haven´t had the pleasure of tasting yet. 

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