Topic of the Week 5/24/2019 - Master

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This week: German reds other than Pinot Noir

Name 3 and describe their character.

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  • A couple other German reds in addition to those listed by Jake above:

    Schwarzriesling — a.k.a. Pinot Meunier or “Mullerrebe” — mostly grown in Württemberg where it is a local specialty. Not related to Riesling, but a mutation of Pinot that is early ripening, and not as complex as Spätburgunder. The wines can range from trocken to halbtrocken, and are light, fruity, and quaffable. Also used for the local specialty Schillerwein, a style of bright pink rose in which red and white grapes are blended and co-fermented. Perhaps because of Pinot Meunier’s association with Champagne, there is also Schwarzriesling Sekt. 

    Regent — a dark-skinned hybrid grape that is fungus-resistant. Produces wines that can be deep and intense in color, high in tannin, and high in alcohol, but it’s not a grape for quality German reds. 

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