Topic of the Week 6/18/2019 - Master

Tasi geography last week from and . Thanks gents!

This week: 1er crus of Pommard

What are the top ones and why? Name a producer for each.

  • Les Grands Epenots is thought to be the greatest vineyard of Pommard.

    Proposed to be a grand cru in 2011 this premier cru has been known to outperform grand crus.  This particular site has a higher percentage of clay in addition to the limestone and alluvial soil present in the vineyard producing a serious style with more elegant yet concentrated fruit.  

    Les Grands Epenots is also home to two monopoles: Clos des Citeaux and a portion of Clos des Epenaux owned by Comte Armand.  Other note-worthy producers include Domaine de Montille, Pierre Morey, Francois Gaunoux and Louis Jadot.  

  • Equal in importance to Epenots would be Les Rugiens. Both Les Epenots and Rugiens have submitted applications to the INAO to be upgraded to Grand Cru status. There is much discussion surrounding this specifically to Rugiens, as the vineyard is divided into two sides, Les Rugiens Hauts and Les Rugiens Bas. Les Rugiens Bas is help in higher regard, and producers like de Montille and Clerget will mention “Les Rugiens Bas” on the label. The soil in this vineyard is rich in iron, with very rocky calcareous soil and limestone bedrock. The vineyard is south-east facing on the lower slope of the hill. Domaine de Montille is a top producer along with Michel Ganoux, Boillot, and Faiveley. 

  • Just below Epenots and Rugiens in stature is Pezzeroles. It sits a bit further north than the others, bordering Beaune. It comes off as a graceful, floral example, closer in style to Volnay than typical Pommard and Beaune. Great examples can be crafted in the hands of de Montille, A-F Gros, and Michel Lafarge.

  • I'll chime in with two others to be considered if you can't spend the coin on Rugiens or Epenots, usually the case when my guests wander into "bigger, but not Gevrey or Vosne" Burgundy territory on our menu...

    Les Fremiers is a somewhat lighter and prettier Pommard and is a continuation of Volnay Fremiets (d'Angerville makes a beauty there). A good compromise between Volnay and Pommard. Coste-Caumartin and Domaine de Courcel are nice.

    Les Jarolieres (or Jarollieres, depending who you find) is cuddled up between Fremiers/Fremiets and Rugiens-Bas and delivers value and quality for the price. Jean-Marc Boillot and Pousse d'Or make great examples (the '15 Boillot is always a home run with guests).

  • wow...gonna study this further...thanks!

  • indeed!  beautiful wines made in Fremiers/Ts.  Generally good value too; at least the ones I saw.