MS Topic of the Week 12/18/2019 - Master

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This week: Solera as a tool

What is the purpose of this technique? What happens to the abv as the wine ages? Name another 3 regions and producer examples outside of the Sherry Triangle that utilize this method.

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  • Nate Ready at Hiyu in the Columbia Gorge, Washington, makes an incredible solera blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

    For me, the purpose is harmoniously complexifying a wine with more mature as well as younger components, and there's something about the idea of allowing the blending and maturing to happen this way, rather than taking umpteen reserve wines to blend precisely, Krug-style, that appeals to me in its organic-seeming nature.  Even if that is all arguable/subjective.  I suspect it's also more cost effective than keeping all the vintages as separate components.

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