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This week: Solera as a tool

What is the purpose of this technique? What happens to the abv as the wine ages? Name another 3 regions and producer examples outside of the Sherry Triangle that utilize this method.

  • ZD's "Abacus" Napa Red Wine is a solera, or perpetual reserve, wine that goes for around $1000 on a wine list.  

    ABV in a solera that sees flor would decrease as the flor metabolizes the alcohol.  ABV in a solera without flor would increase due to angel's share if it was in a porous vessel allowing evaporation, or would stay constant if in an imperable vessel like closed stainless steel.  It also will depend on the temperature of storage: hotter, more evaporation, more increase in ABV in the absence of flor.

    Another purpose would be to escew vintage variations.  You want to consistently serve a high end Napa Cab, or Champagne, and don't want to have to worry about good v. bad vintages, a solera smooths out the rough edges, but at the same time you would also miss any of the true highs of great vintages.

  • Would´t ABV icrease as Flor metabolizes sugars and decrease due to evaporation?

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