MS Topic of the Week 1/8/2020 - Master

Konami codes and dry wines of Sauternes last post from , and . Sounds like a fun combo to try this weekend actually, haven't played Contra in a minute Slight smile

This week: Non-alcoholic wines

How are these made? Name 3 examples from well established wineries, meaning purpose built NA brands don't count.

  • Leitz makes "Eins Zwei Zero" Riesling made through a vacuum distillation process that boils out alcohol while preserving varietal character/aroma.

    Sutter Home makes the Fre line of NA wine via spinning cone.

    Lancers also makes a line of NA wine employing the spinning cone process. 

  • I didn't honestly know anything about this other than some of these existed. There was an article on Decanter yesterday very briefly describing the processes ( Kinda a nightmare to think about a situationa of taking a product with already a pretty high carbon footprint, then plow more energy into it. As will all things wine, though, finding a moral high ground is complicated, and it would be good to have some of these available as options to serve someone that desires to have them. In the past, I've suggested Bonny Doon Verjus (he picks his verjus grapes just after veraison has begun, making it a bit more complex than most) and a bit of soda water for wine-esque flavor experience. Looking forward to checking out the suggestions from Sophie and others who contribute.