MS Topic of the Week - Master

Burgundy monopoles last post from , and . Awesome work!

This week: Because we all need a little levity after a tough 10 days let's make this one fun.

Junk food pairings:

  • Your favorites
  • Why they work
  • How they can be elevated and adapted to fine dining
  • Fries and Champagne

    Texture, fat and acid, and the flavors of Grease just work  (chips, chicken tenders, doughnuts, almost anything fried works with Champagne)

    Elevate it by serving less. Or frying in lard with fancy potatoes. This pairing gets taken way too seriously sometimes in fine dining. Simple is always better. 

  • Gamay & Curly Fries! The unmistakable spice batter on the fries begs for a slightly spicy wine to match. Bright & playful fruitiness will keep the whole spread refreshing and addictive. I imagine this scenario elevated to a patatas riojanas (now with chorizo and more spices) style dish paired with a lifted yet serious Cru Beauj...Yann Bertrand Fleurie Cuvee du Chaos 2018 would be fun. 

    Can't leave the house due to current events? Totino's pizza rolls with current vintage Bisson rose of Ciliegiolo from Liguria will be a great app before the Netflix binge! This is a deep, very full-bodied rose that has a lot of savory characteristics that will match the weight of the pepperonis (you know, those little cubes) and the herbaceousness of the tomato sauce; plus, the electric tartness of cherry-esque fruit will cut through the richness of the cheese in the little pizza pocket. I could see an elevated (albeit deconstructed and much much more elegant) version at Tavernetta in Denver. 

  • I love this topic Chris.

    A warm chocolate chip cookie and a cold glass of milk is still the best food and beverage pairing on earth. 

    Also, no offense to Proust, but Sauternes is far better with madeleines than tea.

  • A west coast style IPA with Buffalo Chicken Wings!!!!

    Also, a nice Baltic Porter with Buffalo Chicken Wings!!!!

    the West Coast IPA cleanses the heat right off and gets me ready for the next bite. Some say that this isn't an ideal pairing but it's only ever been pleasant for me!

    The Baltic Porter's I've had have all had a small amount of detectable RS. They are also super silky and delicious. They most than anything counsel my palate and reassures it that "everything is going to be alright, cool down a bit and enjoy"

    FUN FACT: Baltic Porters are technically Lagers and take anywhere from a few weeks/months to fully ferment them.

    Elevated to fine dining you say?!?! Here ya go!

    "ah yes, we'll start with the 'Naga Viper Chicken Loli-pops' paired with this ever so delicious 'Green Flash West Coast IPA'"

    "ahhh a fine choice sir!" 

    "thank you, now be GONE"

  • Yes, please. All of this. 

  • Ice cold Pacifico with fresh squeezed lemon and salty tortilla chips and spicy salsa - no need to act fancy when I’m notPineapple

  • Burgers?

    Some of my best wine and "junk" food memories have come from burgers. 

    First day of stay at home/shelter in place two or so weeks had 5 Guys bacon cheeseburgers with Tor Chard. I mean the richness of the burger and the richness of the chard matched effortlessly. I am for smash burgers (cooked through) paired with white wine, not dealing with temps/tannin etc. Personal choice I'll admit, but works. 

    Elevated Burger scenarios 

    One memorable home burger event - Not pleased with the 85/15 mix on offer from a large grocery, we bought foie pate and mixed it in to increase fat content. Cooked some morels, and melted in some Eppoisses (like monte a Eppoissies), maybe bacon too as toppings. Likely tarragon mayo. While I don't recall specific wines/time period of my life/guest list, I'd assume Burgundy at a high level would have been served. I mean morel cheese sauce and Burgundy and a grill are good partners. 

    Only time I was in Aspen, had lunch by myself outside at the Little Nell...Burger, 1/2 bottle of Denis Bachelet Charmes Chambertin from the 90's. Was perhaps the happiest person on the earth that day. 

  • Red Burgundy and a dark chocolate cupcake. Preferably a straight Bourgogne Rouge showing on the fruitier side with a slight chill and a chocolate cupcake that uses a restrained amount of sugar, especially in the frosting. The Burg takes on a red berried mineral water flavor that makes it so refreshing with the decadent dessert.

    To make it fancy, serve a mini cupcake at the end of a pairing menu, or garnish regular size cupcake with gold leaf and sell for $45. 

  • One of the best accidental pairings I ever had was with Poutine and Dard & Ribo Saint-Joseph Blanc