Denver Tasting Group

Hello everyone,

My name is Brendan and I am looking to start/join a Denver wine tasting group. I work in  a restaurant downtown, and I am taking the Certified Somm exam in December. I have already taken it once. I did very well on the theory and service, but I did not pass my tasting portion. Naturally, I would like to taste a ton more wines and develop my pallet over the next few months. Somewhere near downtown or Capital Hill would be ideal, but I am willing to compromise. Please let me know if anyone is interested. Thank you!

  • Ladies and Gentlemen. I have pushed back my test, but I am officially signed up to take it again in Denver July 13th. I even bought a car finally so I can drive to meet everybody and anybody who wants to taste. Lets get this group up and running and tasting again! Most of my mornings are wide open. Who wants to taste again? My number is 303.570.9073. Cheers Everyone!

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