2018 Chicago CHICAGO blind tasting group

The year is 2018. It’s not still 2016, even though you wish it were. The city is Chicago, the city that always sleeps from 3am-7am. 

You are a badass. You are looking for more badasses for a blind tasting group. You are planning on taking Certified and Advanced in the near future. You don’t make excuses. You don’t flake. You state your blind tasting guesses with confidence, and you don’t cry when you’re wrong. Everyone gets it wrong sometimes. Parker. Jancis. Maybe even Rajat, when he has the flu. 

You are ready to bring 2 bottles exhibiting typicity to a blind tasting once a week. You have an open mind, fertile for new thoughts. Your synapses are firing. You are building your own wine-soaked future one bottle at a time.  

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