Hi there,

I've noticed I don't unfortunately get to sample as many wines as I wish I did, even on the job, and would definitely like to keep my palate trained (for a lack of better word, overall keep getting better), which is why I'm on a hunt for tasting 'buddies' I would be able to sit down anywhere with and taste a few wines with while triggering conversations/comments etc. I'm also WSET level 3 certified and getting into the Court of MS later this year.

Just anybody in the Toronto area that would be willing to get together a few times a month would be fantastic.

Whether or not gearing up for an exam, I still think keeping our palates fresh is the way to go.

Looking forward to hearing back from you guys!


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  • I realize I am more than a little late to this party, but I am desperately looking for a tasting group so I am in top form for the upcoming certified exam.  I wasn't sure if you had your tasting group up and running again and if so, do you have room for one more??  Thanks - Jen

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