Miami Blind tasting group! A.M

Hi, I'm looking to start a morning blind tasting group! possibly something around 9am - 10 am. I work nights and it is hard to coordinate with my schedule in the PM. Let me know if you're interested! Thanks - Holly

  • Hi Holly, 
    I'm new to Miami and I am looking for a consistent professional tasting group.  I work nights in a restaurant in Coral Gables so morning 10 or so  works best for me also.  I'm not really familiar with the area yet and I live in Brickell, let me know if you have any luck or what your thoughts may be. 

    Thanks, Daniel

  • Hey Daniel! I live out in Kendall. It’s pretty far from you but I can host. If you can host as well we can switch places from week to week. Tell me what ya think. -Holly

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  • Hi Holly, 

    Since I just moved here from San Francisco I don't have a car so I take the train or Uber/Lyft so Kendall would be hard for me to get to consistently. Maybe if we see if we can find a few more people we can meet somewhere in the middle. Let's stayed connected to see what works. Daniel