Southern Oregon Tasting Group

Hey everyone,

My name is Nate Winters, I work for a small vineyard in southern Oregon. I'm preparing for my certified exam and I would love to find/start a tasting group in the Southern Oregon area. There are a couple bottle shops locally, along with plenty of distributors to provide a substantial arsenal of wines to choose from for study. If the area is too remote, I would definitely be up to travel for the tasting. If anyone can help or has any suggestions, let me know your thoughts!

Thank you and cheers!

Nate Winters

  • Hey! In Bend we are working on getting a tasting group together, meeting Monday mornings. Feel free to reach out if you find yourself in town and we can try and accommodate. I work at one of our higher end grocery stores and the group consists of people going for certified, advanced and one person who has passed advanced. Feel free to email me at

    Meryl Ibis