Looking to Join or Create Tasting Group in Little Rock, Arkansas/Memphis, Tennessee

I am a Texas wine educator relocating to the Jonesboro, Arkansas area in July. I've completed my CMS Certified, my CSW, and am completing my WSET Diploma with intensions to continue to study. I've participated in committed tasting and study groups before and would love to continue to push my education and contribute to the wine community here. I look forward to getting to know new people that with the same interest and to support each other. Please PM me or email at sarahkellisheath@gmail.com if there is a current group if I can join or if anyone else is in the general area wants to form a group. The more the merrier!


Sarah Kellis Heath

  • I tired to email but it failed 

    I live in Malden, MO and am taking my intro exam tomorrow. I passed WSET 2 with distinction in June and found out yesterday I missed perfect on my level 3 tasting exam by one point! Still have to pass theory...

    I would love to meet up even if it is once a month for tasting.   

  • Janell- I found two two tasting groups in Memphis and of course you are welcome to join! PM or email me (sarahkellisheath@gmail.com) for details.