-Advanced Study Group Los Angeles

Hello all,

Hopefully getting into the advanced exam next year and I looking to meet and study with other hopefuls in west Los Angeles. Cheers ! 

  • Hi Matthew I am interested in starting an Advanced Study group as I am in a similar boat as yourself.  I live in Los Feliz however, therefore Skype or Facetime sessions may be something to consider given the constraints of traffic.  Would you be interested in such an arrangement in addition to face to face meetings?  Let me know as I know other Advanced candidates in LA who may be interested.  



  • Hi Johnny,

    How are things going?

    I am in for advanced study group. I just moved to Culver city in LA . So please keep me posted on the progress.  


  • Hi Matthew,  

    I would like to be part of the advanced sommelier study group. I passed my certified exam Sept 2018, have been reading a lot books. So please keep me posted if there is possible chance to meet and study as a group.  

    Thanks and cheers. 

    Sean Liu 

  • Sean/Matthew would you be open to Skype/FaceTime study sessions?  This may prove more effective given the constraints of scheduling and the addition of traffic or act as a supplement to live sessions. Let me know and I'll set something up.