Tasting and Study Group - Asheville, NC or nearby areas

Hey all! I'm very new to this community, and would love to find a certified- oriented tasting and study group. I'm taking my Intro in a few days, and plan to take Certified within 6 months or so. 

If it helps: I got my L3/Advanced through the WSET in 2017. Didn't do much with it, and dropped studying altogether. As I go through material from the Court, though, everything is coming back. As far as tasting goes, it seems to me I really need to re-calibrate my palate to Court standards. That and I've never had to taste with the goal of figuring out what a wine is and where it comes from. 

I'm in Asheville, NC, and my schedule is pretty flexible. Don't mind driving a bit either. If you have, or know of an online study group, that'd be great too.

Thanks for reading!